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I just want to express how much I enjoyed the November challenge at the studio. It felt great to mark an "X" by my name after each class. On days I found myself not wanting to go, the spa reward was truly my biggest motivator. I've been struggling to stick with an exercise program as I get bored rather quickly, but I've found myself missing classes on days that I can't go. I have taken classes with almost every instructor and each bring a challenge to the table. Mona, Kristy B., Meagan (just ot name a few) have taught me alot about form as well as others. I'm already seeing results, and I've only been going a month, and that's why I signed up for unlimited in December. I've been telling all my friends about Verve, and I hope you offer a new challenge soon. I'm using my spa reward on New Years Eve to get ready for a black tie event. I'm already down one dress size, so I'm waiting to buy my dress! 
A big thanks to Verve 360 and the fitness crew for keeping me motivated!!!
Looking forward to another challenge,

I went in to Aubre for a massage. I am a very athletic person/ personal trainer/ rock climber/ dancer- I move my body for a living. 3 weeks ago I was stretching and practicing some movements and somehow injured my shoulder To the point where I couldn't move my arm or sleep at night. I suspected that I had pinched nerve. Aubre took her time with me and spoke to me about my issue while giving my massage. All of sudden she figured it out 😀 My neck had no curve and the nerve was not able to fire properly. She did all sorts of wonderful neck traction and gave me "homework". That night I slept pain free for a for the first time in 2 weeks. She's amazing. I'm so glad she took the time to listen to my description of the pain and what I thought was the cause. She is intuitive and very knowledgeable about the body and helped eliminate my nerve pain. I followed up with Dr. Jeff , their chiropractor, to get the rest of my spine adjusted. He lent me a device to help traction my neck (which I had to return) and he figured out my shoulder pain- which was a separated AC joint. Armed with that knowledge (so I can exercise- he gave me homework as well), no nerve pain and bones in proper alignment, I"ve been healing beautifully ever since. I had gone to another LMT and an acunpuncturist, before Verve, with no luck or improvement. After seeing Aubre and Jeff, I feel like The Verve staff went above and beyond to heal my shoulder. I am truly grateful. - Kiyla O. 

I have been a professional hockey player for 20 years and in those 20 years I’ve been a diehard fitness enthusiast. Conditioning at Verve Wellness is one of the best things I ever decided to do when faced with the realization of retirement and wanting to “go out” on top. Since working with Verve through regular Integrated Bodywork and Pilates my posture has improved, core strength fortified, leg strength enhanced, and joint mobility and flexibility have increased 10 fold. My stamina is significantly greater. I’m playing hockey stronger and more youthful then when I began my career 20 yrs ago and this was only after a few sessions.

Mark Recchi, Professional Hockey Player



I recently had my wedding in downtown Pittsburgh with the reception at the Doubletree. I currently do not live in the city, so I needed to find someone to take care of my hair and my bridesmaids hair for my wedding day. I scheduled an appointment with the Verve 360 for my trials. And let me tell you, THEY WERE FABULOUS! They were the perfect pair to take care of myself and the girls (including a grandma and the mother of the groom)! I got so many compliments on my wedding day updo! It was PERFECT! They were fun and efficient! I strongly urge you to use this salon for your wedding day! They even came to us instead of us having to go to the salon! The staff was there for me to call anytime I needed to ask questions! I even emailed pictures to look at before the big day! Once again, Bravo Verve 360 for making my wedding day perfect!"

- Jessica Ross, Bride


All of my groomsmen said that it was the best pre-wedding experience that they ever had. I was 100% satisfied and every groom in Pittsburgh should entertain the groomsmen experience I had at the Verve.  It was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better service and quality.


~Aaron Milligan, 29, Baltimore (Canton), MD


That was one of the best massage’s I’ve had. I thought nemocolin was the best. Verve was much better. My wife and I will be back for sure! – George Flacco


Being a touring musician for a living, I find I often need massage therapy to keep my body (and mind) in top shape. Recently upon arriving in Pittsburgh, I called the hotel concierge to ask for a referral of a therapist. They immediately recommended Aubre Stacknick. I couldn't be happier that they did. As a hard working drummer, my body withstands a lot of wear and tear. Quite often, I can't find a therapist skilled enough to relieve my aches and pains. Not only did Aubre's treatment offer relief, it crossed into the correction of old, untreated war wounds. I saved her business card and will absolutely contact her the next time I'm in Pittsburgh. I can honestly say, Aubre is one of the best massage therapists I've ever had the good fortune to meet.  

Michael Cartellone - drummer for Lynyrd Skynyrd



Dear Aubre,
I wanted to write this letter to you to let you know what a wonderful contribution your work with me has been to the maintenance and improvement of my physical health over the last six months. As you know, I have several problem areas, primarily in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas of the spine. These tie into injuries over time including a major whiplash, as well as arthritis, bone spurs, and a general lack of flexibility. The combination of Pilates and your personal approach to therapeutic massage have produced sensational results. My only regret is that I didn't meet you sooner!! 
Carl W. Smollinger - President & CEO of Insurance Solutions Group, Inc. 


Too many times people write letters when they want to complain. I am writing this letter to commend your staff and especially management. We had a bridal shower for my daughter on November 6, 2010 that consisted of mini-manicures, mini-pedicures and a choice of a facial or massage. We brought wine, were given a table and area to sit and chat while waiting on our services. It was extremely busy when we arrived, and I got a little concerned. HOWEVER, no worries as the staff took over and it could not have been run more efficiently.

I communicated with the staff for quite a while going over details, etc. It was a wonderfully organized and the day could not have gone any smoother.

Every single person on your staff was very pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful. We all had different services and everyone that attended loved each and every one.

In my mind, they all deserve a pat on the back and perhaps a little more in their paychecks.

Thanks Again,

Ellen Roberts

I wanted to write to thank all of the staff for the wonderful experiences they gave me, my mom, and maid-of-honor as part of my pre-wedding days and wedding weekend.  From the massage to manicure to hair styling, it was all beautiful.  You have a great salon, and you really treated us so well.

I especially want to thank Jacqueline for the most gorgeous wedding hair ever.  It was totally amazing - braided bun with the sides rolled back into it... My maid of honor had a gorgeous updo.  It was so elegant and fun!

Katie B.

Hi Jacquelyn,

For the first time in my life I love my natural hair. I've never received so many compliments on it and never liked it until you! - K.H.

I always enjoy my spa experiences at The Verve. Working with Aubre, Bri, Tricia and Kat. Plus you always play good music and Micah always lets me charge my iPhone in the Office.- Michael

Always a stellar experience. Very accommodating and welcoming. I've tried out a plethora of places for haircuts, however, only recently came across Verve Wellness when I moved Downtown last October. I've been going to Samantha since then and when I move to Shadyside soon I will continue to go to Samantha at Verve Wellness. My girlfriend also has been here for a massage, manicure, and pedicure, which she couldn't speak any more highly of. The staff is always very pleasant and jovial on the phone and in person. You would be extremely hard pressed to try and find anywhere else that parallels here. - James

"I have been a Massage Therapy client of Aubre Stacknick/Verve Wellness for many years. By far, their Neuromuscular treatment knowledge is unsurpassed. The staff are very friendly and helpful- and every visit there has been a wonderful experience." M.C.

 Keirsten was AMAZINGLY she did a great job and really informed me about her style choices and made sure I was happy. I can't wait to see her again on the day of my wedding. She's and the rest of the staff was friendly and welcoming and tolerant of my waiting children. - Joleen