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Michael’s Philosophy of Bodywork

Wellness happens from within you. Caring and supportive bodywork provides a “home” where you can discover your way to healing and health. With this goal, bodywork helps you get in touch with yourself and enhances your life by harmonizing body, mind and spirit.

Michael has been studying and refining his techniques as a massage therapist since 2003, blending Western-style Swedish, sports, and pre-natal massage techniques with Eastern mssage roommodalities such as Reiki, Shiatsu, and Ayurvedic massage. Along the way he encountered Esalen-style massage, which is a rich blend of Western and Eastern traditions.

Shiatsu: a Japanese method of bodywork based on manipulation of acupressure points and meridians with the hands, coupled with active stretching that helps to balance the energy meridians. Shiatsu sessions are done fully clothed on a floor mat, so be sure to wear loose fitting clothing that allows stretching and bending. In Shiatsu, your therapist is your partner, and your goal is to work together to remove energy blockages in your meridians, re-balancing your energy. When the Ki energy is moving properly within you, stress and illness disappear naturally and wellness results.

Reiki: Reiki is the gentlest of all bodywork methods. In Reiki, the heart and hands of the practitioner provide channels for the healing energy that is present within and around us. As the recipient, you help guide the energy to where you need it.

Esalen Massage: Esalen massage may just be the ultimate massage for deep and profound relaxation. Developed and refined for more 50 years at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, Esalen synthesizes eastern and western techniques to promote healing from within. In addition to traditional Swedish style massage techniques and stretching, Esalen is set apart by a slow and deliberate pacing that calms the central nervous system, coupled with long strokes from one end of the body to the other to re-connect and integrate your physical and spiritual energies.