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 Weddings & Bridal Parties


Can I hold my bachelorette party or hold a pre-wedding party at Verve?Nail Chairs 2

We have a fantastic location for parties. Our classic Pittsburgh salon and wellness center is a wonderfully private place to relax while getting ready for your wedding or for a bachelorette spa party. We’ve worked with many groups celebrating their special day. We are BYOB and we’re located in the same building as Olive or Twist so ordering up food is a snap! Please make sure to discuss special space requirements or if a more private area is needed during your event. We have a wonderful classic studio that can be utilized but it’s very important that your needs are talked about BEFORE the day of your event.

Are you able to provide hair and make-up services for my wedding?

  Yes! We are staffed with the top stylists and make up artists this city has to offer in order to provide the BEST wedding hair and make up for your BIG DAY! We can take care of you here at Verve 360 Salon or take it on the road to a location of your choice. We highly recommend all brides pre-book trial hair and/or make up appointments with a stylist to discuss important details and determine what specific style would look best for each individual bride. Call us for details about how we can help to make your wedding day a big success!

Wedding Wonderful:

Total Perfection, None of the Stress

Tips & Tricks

  • Full Service Satisfaction: Find a salon location that can accommodate ALL your wedding needs and MORE! Weddings are about more than just hair and make up! Be beautiful on the inside as well as the out! In the days leading up to you wedding, take time for yourself to stop and smell the roses by enjoying a relaxing massage, rejuvenating facial, spa manicure and/or spa pedicure, etc. Make the most out of this special time in your life!


  • Practice Makes Perfect: Be sure to book your trial appointments for both hair and make up for yourself and even a member or two of your bridal party prior to your big day! Remember, the initial consultation is the most important part of your appointment! Communication is the key to having you look your best and picture ready! Do your homework! Bring the stylist(s) photos of not only your hair and make up ideas- but also ones of your actual dress and the dresses of your bridesmaids so they can make professional recommendations in addition to listening to every detail of your ideas and goals! Don’t forget to bring your veil the day of your trial appointments too!


  • Timing is Everything: After months of preparation, the actual day of your wedding will flash before your eyes… be sure to enjoy every second of it! When planning a time to start all the services for the day of your wedding, please take into consideration EVERYTHING that is scheduled or could happen throughout the day. The more time you have to enjoy everything happening around you, the better! Remember, the stylists need to be aware of not only the time of your ceremony, but also if you are having pictures taken prior to the ceremony, what time you are being transported to the location of the ceremony, etc. Planning a little extra time in your day can make all the difference in the world!


  • Pick Up or Delivery: No need to come to us, we’ll come to you! The day of your wedding, have the stylist(s) and/or make up artist(s) come directly to your hotel room to provide all the hair styles and make up applications! From a professional point of view and personal experiences, it makes all the difference in the world! Plus, it’s one less detail for you to worry about when it comes to timing and transportation on your wedding day.

For more Wedding Wonderful Tips & Tricks, please email us any questions, comments, and concerns to and we would be happy to help!

Best Wishes,
The Verve Staff