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The Perfect Even Tan

Have you been searching for that perfect sunless tanning lotion? I sure have, I'm pretty sure I've tried almost everything! I have tried wipes, sprays, and of course the lotions, but I found that the sprays don't spray on evenly, the wipes are sometimes good but they can leave crazy looking streaks on your skin, and the lotion is always a hit or miss.  I have finally found a tanning lotion that can not only go on your body streak free, but also your face!

That was another thing I would have a problem with, I would have a nice tan body, then my face would look white as could be. Now that Jane Iredale has a sunless lotion tanner to use on your entire body, I know I won't be looking like I hit the tanning bed with a towel covering my face. Tantasia is the tanning lotion you want to get, trust me! It bronzes your skin giving it a healthy look, as well as added moisture to your skin. The lotion gradually builds up a natural tan for your skin and within three days you'll have a beautiful glowing tan.

Wanna know the best part about the lotion? Jane Iredale products are all environmental friendly, and they work hard to create a line that dermatologist approve and recommend to their patients. To get your very own high quality Jane Iradale make-up products visit your nearest Pittsburgh salons like Verve 360 and they will have everything to get you started on a great tan and flawless skin this summer.

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