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Micah earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Washington & Jefferson College in 1998, and has since honed his expertise in business management and client services. With years of sales and project management in corporate America, he built his business acumen and extraordinary customer care skills. His background organizing large projects and matching a product to his client’s needs prepared him to found and run The Verve 360˚.

It requires bold, forward thinking to envision a new direction and, more importantly, to act on it. Micah saw Pittsburgh as a city poised for radical re-invention. Downtown had resisted change for decades, but the signs were all pointing toward transformation.

To encourage the new direction, Micah, prompted by his partner Aubre, decided that the city needed a place with a unique concept that would both lead and encourage the coming changes. Together they were, “certain that Verve is the place Pittsburgh was looking for.”

Micah wanted to evolve the traditional spa model to create a space with a distinct and unique vibe. Pilates and yoga, massage, make-up, skin and facial care are all performed in a space unlike any other. But beyond the services, there is a subtle, notable element clients feel upon entering Verve – a sense of welcome that goes beyond simple customer service.

Client service is the priority for all of Verve’s professionals, and Micah’s commitment is that people feel welcome and taken care of on their first visit and every time after. He is clear that once people experience the space, the services and the distinctive employee dynamic that is Verve, they will want to return.

Come and join the Verve family and experience what 360˚ of wellness is all about.

\\ Aubre J. Stacknick

Owner / Licensed Massage Therapist / Entrepreneur

Aubre began her entrepreneurial spirit far before she began her first endeavor at the young age of 18. This yearning came from a long ancestry of talented, creative and intelligent individuals. She spent many successful years as a business owner in both New Jersey and the Pocono’s building and designing custom homes.

Self-motivation and professional experience in financing, client relations, and project management prepared Aubre for her next entrepreneurial leap of faith. Being a visionary, Aubre decided that returning to her long time love of holistic medicine, Pilates and bodywork was what best suited her. After contemplating the where’s and when’s of opening a wellness facility such as Verve, Aubre returned to Pittsburgh where she frequented as a teenager and knew she’d eventually end up. “I knew the minute I got here that it was only a matter of time before Verve would be in motion. We are creating our own market here in Pittsburgh, nothing new to me. We are creating “the” center for health and wellness in downtown Pittsburgh.” Aubre says.

Much experience and many hours of education have proven to be the right formula for another successful undertaking. After 3 years of consideration and 1 year of planning with now partner Micah, Verve opened in December of 2007. Verve has had a tremendous beginning even thru the economic downturn in early to mid 2008 and looks forward to the incredible opportunities the future holds.

Thoughts from Aubre: “I believe in balance of body, mind and spirit. My work emphasizes this importance. Over the years, I have had the pleasure to work with Professional musicians, singers, actors, dancers, athletes of every sort, and business people. My goal is to create bodywork sessions that address your specific needs. My focus has always been to support fluidity, vitality and restore your body to its’ original integrity. Each personalized bodywork session facilitates the healing process on every level through the power of intelligent and intuitive touch. My unique experience with massage in various medical fields such as plastic surgery, pre & peri-natal, neuromuscular, sports therapy and rehabilitation creates a thorough understanding of movement and healing in the human body. I am a firm believer in centering one’s life! Knowledge is power! Bringing these facets of wellness and health together continues to be my goal. This concept prompted the inception of VERVE 360. I love the historical aspect of Pittsburgh so I decided downtown was the only place to be.”

Client Service Specialists

\\ Etta Cramer


I was hired on as the manager for Verve 360 in early 2008. I grew up in the South Hills, and although I’ve moved out-of-state a few times, Pittsburgh has always been my home. In 2007 I married an amazing man, Jason, and gained a step-daughter, Isabella. We were living in Austin, Texas at the time where I was an Assistant Director at a Primrose School. I loved working with the children, and absolutely LOVED my job, but my husband and I felt too far away from our families in Pittsburgh. Luckily, my brother Micah and future sister-in-law Aubre were searching for administrative help for their new business, Verve 360.

When I started at Verve, we only occupied the third floor of the building and had two employees in addition to myself, a Pilates Instructor and an Esthetician. Through a lot of hard work and determination the business quickly began to flourish, and soon we were able to add more to our staff, including Yoga Instructors and additional Massage Therapists. In March of 2010, I went on maternity leave for my beautiful daughter, Evelyn, and when I returned 3 months later Verve had expanded even further! We now occupied the first floor with our new salon, adding Nail and Hair services to our menu.

My job has changed quite a bit since I began my career with Verve, but one thing has stayed the same; my passion for helping people and the enjoyment I get from working with family at a company I truly believe in. Our mission has always been to guide individuals on a path to health and wellness, and I have personally seen people transform their lives using the programs at Verve. I feel lucky to be a part of Verve 360 and plan to continue helping our clients achieve their goals in years to come.

\\ Emma Vestovich

Front Desk Coordinator

Emma is a very creative individual, driven by her excitement to create art of any form. She attended Central Westmoreland Career and Tech Center (CWCTC) for Commercial Advertising Art and Design where she learned a broad range of skills from fine arts to advertising art and design. Demonstrating her knowledge and skills, Emma graduated receiving a Pennsylvania Skills Certificate.  

In 2011, shortly after graduation, she discovered yoga for the first time and wanted more.  Moving to Pittsburgh has allowed her to expand her learning and enhance her practice. Her passion and dedication prompted her to embark on the path to becoming a certified yoga instructor to share the benefits of yoga with others.

Seeking a job promoting health and wellness, Emma found Verve 360 and is eager to motivate others towards a happier, healthier lifestyle.

\\ Mary Pochatko

Front Desk Coordinator

Mary moved to Pittsburgh shortly after graduating Grove City College where she earned a degree in English with a minor in Communication Studies. Not long after relocating to Pittsburgh, she began frequenting Verve 360 and fell in love with the staff and company. With a strong background in customer service and hands on knowledge of downtown Pittsburgh, stepping into her role in the salon was an easy choice.Mary is a creative and driven individual, which is one of the many reasons she’s drawn to this team of industry experts who are dedicated to practicing and perfecting their craft. Full of fresh ideas, she hopes to enhance each customer’s experience, as well as work with the stylists and technicians to produce quality services in a welcoming atmosphere.

Hair Artists and Estheticians

\\ Brianne Culp

Salon Manager/ Stylist / Nail Technician

Growing up in the beauty industry has always been inspiring for Brianne. Coming from a long line of hairdressers, styling comes quite naturally to her. Brianne trained while in high school at SUN Area Career and Technology in New Berlin, Pennsylvania, under Crystal Gutshall, a certified Pivot Point International instructor. Competing in SkillsUSA held in Kansas City, Missouri, Brianne was ranked 5th in the nation specializing in gorgeous up-dos perfect for weddings and formal events.

After graduating high school Brianne continued education at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, Pennsylvania for business management. From there it was to Chicago, Illinois, to work under one of the industry’s leading experts in keratin bond hair extensions.

Brianne has continued education with companies such as Paul Mitchell, L’Oreal Professional, and HotHeads Hair Extensions. She is currently striving to continue her education and staying up to date with the latest techniques and styles. It is especially important to Brianne to give her clients personalized cuts, styles and color that reflect who they are and what they would like to project to the world. She also specializes in manicures, gel manicures and pedicures.

See her work here!  Watch her video here!

\\ Dakota Seliy


I'm a stylist who loves to help my clients express themselves through their hair. I'm all about freedom of expression and whatever helps people be the best version of themselves. I highly value education and have traveled a lot to continue learning new techniques and trends. I have worked on movie sets, in television and with traveling musicians in the area. I've also been featured as a Pittsburgh RAW artist and plan to do many more showcases coming up! Anything I can do and learn to help others achieve their goals is what drives me in my passion.

My strengths are in coloring and updos. I love seeing a vision come to life and consider myself an artist as well as a professional. Check out my Instagram page (@dakota.seliy) for updates and photos!

Watch her video here!  See her work here!

\\ Heather Golt

Client Relations Manager

Heather, originally from Baltimore, MD, moved to the Pittsburgh area 8 years ago to fulfill her dreams of helping people and working in the wellness field. After studying psychology and social work in California University of PA she moved on to become a certified massage therapist in 2008, graduating from the Western School of Health and Business Careers. Since then she has had management positions in retail, food, salon and spa, and the wellness field and loves helping people feel better after every service. She enjoys being the beginning and ending contact for clients so they feel well taken care of and beautiful. She is passionate and dedicated to making Verve the most successful spa, salon and wellness center in the Pittsburgh area and to treat each individual like family to ensure every client leaves feeling happy, healthy, beautiful, and rejuvenated.

\\ Tricia Rupinski


Tricia is from a small town just south of Erie, PA. She has always had an artistic eye for hair trends and style. It wasn't until she had a few bad experiences of her own that she realized her true calling was to be a hair stylist! She attended a small technical school in her hometown where she was licensed in cosmetology while earning an Associates Degree in Specialized Business. Before she even graduated from school she scored a great job working as an assistant in a local salon, but soon realized the city of Pittsburgh was where she needed to take her career. Tricia has been living in the city and working with Verve 360 for over a year now. She offers everything from hair services to nails to skincare and is certified in Yonka Paris, HotHeads Extensions and Aqua Extensions.

See her work here!

Watch her video here!

\\ Samantha Stacknick

Esthetician / Nail Technician

Originally from Scranton, PA, Sam attended Susquehanna County and Career Center (SCCTC) for Cosmetology. She moved to Pittsburgh in June 2012 and started working at Verve 360. She then traveled to Somerset, NJ to be certified with Yonka Paris, our skin care line. Sam has many certifications with Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, and is also certified to perform spray tanning, airbrush makeup, lash extensions and Nufree hair removal services. See her work here!

Watch her video here!

\\ Jamie Scafuri

Stylist / Nail Technician

Jamie was born and raised in the city of Pittsburgh. She dabbled with different forms of creative self expression until she found her artistic niche, hairstyling. In high school she began studying cosmetology at Beattie Career Institute where her love for helping others achieve there ideal self image was truly developed. After graduating at Beattie, Jamie furthered her cosmetology education at Empire Beauty Academy. She is a lover of all of the hair arts but specializes in creative color projects, blowouts and styling, haircuts and even natural dread locking. If you are looking for a stylist to thoroughly listen to your wants and needs, transform your look or simply maintain a healthy head of hair come see Jamie at Verve today!

See her work here!

\\ Kristie Gutonski

Stylist / Nail Technician

Everything hair, beauty, and fashion are things that have sparked extreme interest in Kristie's life since she was young. Growing up in a small town just south of Butler, PA, it felt difficult for her to explore her creative side. After graduating high school, she attended the local community college for two years working towards a degree in business administration. While in school, she realized working in the beauty industry was what she was truly meant to do. She began her career studying cosmetology through Paul Mitchell systems schools. From there she got a true feel for salon life by working hands-on at a salon in Oakmont, PA. This is where she began to find herself as a stylist, and really let her creative juices flow. She soon felt the urge to expand her horizons, move from her small town, and onto the next path of her journey. Verve 360 was the perfect fit with the urban environment where she knew she could thrive. Kristie has a true passion for her craft. She focuses on making each and every guest who sits in her chair 100% satisfied when they leave the salon. She achieves this through continued education and staying current with the latest trends. Kristie has set very high goals for herself in this industry. We invite you to be a part of her journey, and assist her in achieving those goals by booking an appointment with her today! You will not be disappointed!

See her work here! Watch her video here!

\\ Casey Pfund

Esthetican / Nail Technician

Casey is one of our skilled Estheticians, and has been practicing skincare for 4 years. She chose this career path because she feels there are no boundaries to a person's creativity.

She gets to let her own personality shine while beautifying others.Her education includes a license in Cosmetology from Bella Capelli, a Paul Mitchell school, and a license in esthetics from North Hills Beauty Academy. Casey has additional certification and education in the following: corrective peels, waxing, microdermabrasion and multiple skincare lines. Casey specializes in body wraps, spray tanning, customizing facials to each individual, full body waxing on men and women, and nails. Currently, she is also being trained in laser esthetics.

Casey's favorite part about this industry is being a part of increasing the way you feel about yourself, and loving every minute of it.

\\ Michael Boyd


Creativity and consistency is key with Michael.  Growing up he has always been interested in the arts and entertainment. A graduate of California University of Pennsylvania, he spent the early part of his career working professionally behind the scenes of theatrical and television productions. This is what inspired him to focus his talents into the beauty industry.  He then went on to study at Empire Beauty School and start preparing for everything this rewarding new career had to offer.  Michael believes his strongest points are highlighting and color.  He also has been working on wigs and hair styles for local theatrical productions and couldn't be happier to be working in the heart of the cultural district.  Aside from this, Michael spends his free time learning new techniques and taking every educational opportunity he can. He loves Halloween, the color green, and can't wait to meet you!


Stylist / Color Specialist / Hair Removal

Danielle has been a licensed Cosmetologist and active stylist since 2009. She graduated from South Hills Beauty Academy and started working in a small salon in Pittsburgh. There she had the pleasure of being guided and trained by a talented Framesi, as well as a Bumble and bumble certified, stylist. She started building her career, and soon moved to The Salon at Macy’s. There she honed her skills in makeup, skincare, waxing, lash extensions and corrective color. She is recognized as a color specialist and has excellent abilities when it comes to rendering photos for hair and makeup styles.

Danielle has worked in multiple barber shops, which has given her extensive barbering techniques for short styles and men’s cuts. Danielle feels extremely lucky to have a career in a field she also considers a hobby, and believes everything she has done in life has always led her back to the beauty industry.

\\ Jacquelyn Cuturic

Stylist / Makeup Artist

Jacquelyn’s inspirations for becoming a hairdresser date back over ten years and she has been a part of the hairdressing culture since 2001. She feels the industry is profound in many ways, affecting the well-being and livelihood of women across the world.

As a stylist, she takes pride in helping women achieve and embrace their natural beauty and its simplicity to their fullest potential. By educating her clients on product and technique she liberates women from the daily chore of “styling” their hair.

Well-educated in the Jane Iredale mineral make up line, Jacquelyn holds true to the philosophy that make up should enhance your natural beauty, draw the eye towards your greatest features and add confidence to your daily life.

Jacquelyn has trained in haircutting and color in world-renowned institutes across the country and believes that continuing education is the foreground for exceptional work in the studio. She specializes in cutting according to the hair’s natural texture and assists her clients in achieving low-maintenance, signature looks. “ I believe that we should never have a bad hair day, if we have the right haircut.”

Massage Therapists

\\ Kaylin Thornhill

Licensed Massage Therapist

Kaylin was born and raised in Pittsburgh. Growing up she was always unsure of her path in life. Through every road block, Kaylin always pushed through and worked hard to become successful. She started out as a cosmetologist but soon discovered her passion for massage therapy. She started her massage journey here at Verve 360. An aspiring young intern, Kaylin learned and grew into a professional. She specializes in Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Athletes massage. Kaylin takes great pride in making people happy and healthy! If you're looking for a great massage, stop in to see Kaylin at Verve!

\\ April March

Licensed Massage Therapist

April is a licensed massage therapist with 5 years experience in massage and bodywork, who graduated from PTI. She has become skilled in Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage, but also enjoys Reflexology, Prenatal, Myofascial techniques, Sports massage, Aromatherapy, and Hot Stone.

April assesses each client's needs and helps to create individual plans of treatment to meet their own goals. She is comfortable helping to treat many conditions such as chronic neck pain, TMJ, poor posture, carpal tunnel, and sciatica. April believes that everyone can benefit from massage therapy, especially to help reduce stress from our busy lives. 

Aside from massage, April loves spending time with her cats, eating and painting. She looks forward to meeting and working with you to help increase your overall wellness!

\\ Dihlon McManne


Dihlon has been a Massage Therapist/BodyWorker for over 20 years in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. For the past 7 years he has made Pittsburgh his home and was the senior Massage Therapist for The Health Club and SPA at The Fairmont Hotel. Over the years, Dihlon has developed his own therapeutic technique that enables deep relaxation and imparts a new lightness of being and freedom. Integrating Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Sports Massage and other massage modalities in an effort to create a unique healing experience for the individual. He is also a Reiki Master and has studied with Deane Juhan, author of ‘Job’s Body’, in the Trager Method, incorporating Resistance/Release work. Previous clients include The San Jose Sharks, Pittsburgh Penquins, Steelers and the Pirates, as well as other professional athletes. Many famous Actors, Directors and Writers have also been with Dihlon from his years in Hollywood and in Pittsburgh.

\\ Aimee Hentosz


Aimee has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for the last three years. Originally from Columbus, OH, she received her certification from the Columbus State Community College and moved to Pittsburgh in the fall of 2015. Aimee has experience and training in Hot Stone, Pre-Natal, Aromatherapy, Fibromyalgia treatment and stretching as well as standard Swedish massage techniques. In addition to massage, she enjoys reading, Yoga, watching movies and swimming.

\\ Camille Faria 


Camille trained in Thailand and Bali as a member of the Integral Touch Institute's extensive Thai Yoga therapy training program. Certified in Swedish Massage is 1993 at the Institute for Psycho-Structural Balancing in Los Angeles, CA, Camille maintains the holistic view of health and wellness.
Her primary aim through a Thai Yoga Bodywork session is to facilitate a mind/body healing experience, allowing for the recipient to reach enhanced states of physical and spiritual well-being.

\\ Alex Kyriacopoulos

Licensed Massage Therapist

Graduating from the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy in 2015, Alex provides a compassionate, deep tissue massage. Whether you are looking for a relaxing spa massage or a invigorating sports therapy session, Alex is a great therapist to consider.

\\ Kalyn Caine

Licensed Massage Therapist

Graduating from Pittsburgh Technical Institute in January of 2013, Kalyn has been a licensed massage therapist for 3 years. She has a very therapeutic style of massage- a blend of all she has learned. She loves assessing individuals to troubleshoot and fix problems, while also including energetic aspects into the healing process. Kalyn has independently studied Aromatherapy, Yoga, Reiki and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. Much of her experience has focused on pre- and post-natal massage and those who suffer from fibromyalgia, scoliosis, sciatica, headaches, shoulder problems, hip issues and daily aches and pains.

A hippie and environmentalist at heart, she loves exploring new places, rainy days, reading, and hanging with her two cats.


\\ Mona Statmore


With a background in dance and continuing to dance for pleasure as an adult, Mona sought to pursue her certification as a Booty Barre ® instructor. In addition to dance classes, Mona has studied Pilates and an array of barre fitness classes. Working out one way or another on a daily basis is critical to her mental and physical well-being, and she hopes to encourage others to do the same. 

Teaching Booty Barre ® classes at Verve 360 allows her to share this passion and to encourage others to make exercise a habit or even a healthy “addiction”. Booty Barre ® is a blend of ballet, Pilates, yoga and light weight training that can be modified to suit all fitness levels and can work to jumpstart or enhance one’s fitness goals.

In addition to her work as a fitness professional, Mona managed an African drum and dance ensemble, booking their shows and classes, and has had a career as an interior designer.

\\ Lamar Williams

Certified Booty Barre and Aerial Instructor

Lamar Williams hails from small town Erie, PA where he is know for his works as a choreographer and dancer in hip hop and praise dance. Founder and devoted member to his two dance teams D2I & Ultimatum he also dances for independent works, school dance and step teams, and community performing arts centers (JFK, BayfrontDance, Boys & Girls Club of America).

In high school he began to seek education in other styles of movement/dance, jumpstarting the creation of what he considers his unique way of moving. He continued his education at Slippery Rock University for modern dance, where he had the opportunity to be educated by an amazing faculty among many guest artists (Kyle Abraham, Tania Isaac and Camille brown to name a few) and professional residencies (Edgeworks Dance Theatre, Attack Theatre, LabCo).

After moving to Pittsburgh he continued collaborating and performing with local dance companies (Geeksdanz, Bombyx Dance Collective), all the while transforming and defining his own movement with a fusion of all styles learned up to that point with his natural instinctual movement. Being a supporter of the ballroom scene as well as a participant, his goal is to make the vogue style a more accessible dance forum while educating his students on its history and parameters. Along with his adult heels, twerkFit class and aerial sessions, Lamar recently attended Booty Barre training making him the ONLY male Booty Barre instructor in the United States and the third male instructor in the entire world!!

\\ Roxanne Williams

Licensed Massage Therapist / Bodyworker / Personal Trainer /
Mind-Body Specialist

Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Roxanne’s roots have firmly grounded in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA. She chose to attend Peabody High School in order to participate in the first responder program as an entry into the health field. Although her first interest was in Sports Medicine, she knew she couldn’t fail in her endeavors with a Business Degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

After graduation she started dabbling in all of her many different interests. Nicknamed a “jack of all trades”, she actually earned her massage therapy certification while working as the Director of Education and Training for the PA League of Young Voters in 2008. Following her passion for helping people reach their optimal health and wellness, she is now a certified Personal Trainer specializing in the Mind-Body practices (Pilates, Yoga, and Tai Chi) which she has merged with her massage therapy practice. And she’s not stopping there! Her long-term goal is to complete her second degree in Health and Physical Education/Psychology to be a complete Mind-Body Specialist. Look for her articles in the Verve Newsletter for tips and tidbits of info about fitness and wellness, and schedule a specialized intro/consultation with her today!

\\ Kat Nannen

Stylist / Nail Technician

Kat was born and raised in a small North Western town in Pennsylvania, where her individuality stood out among the crowd. After graduating high school, she immediately moved to Erie, PA. There, Kat began to focus on her creativity and individuality at Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy, and eventually started her career as a professional cosmetologist. Since then she has worked in all four corners of Pennsylvania, and also New York. Throughout her journey to Pittsburgh, Kat has gained a tremendous amount of experience with a variety of methods and techniques. Certified in Yonka skin products and Jane Iredale cosmetics, Kat offers more than just hair and nails. Come in and experience her outstanding customer service and all she has to offer!

See her work here!

\\ Amber Adams

Certified Instructor

Amber Adams, a native of Philadelphia, began her dance training at the age of 2. Continuing her education at Slippery Rock University, she graduated with a B.A. in Dance in 2012 and a B.A. in mathematics in 2013. While at Slippery Rock, Amber focused on Modern Dance and performed in both student and faculty works.

Currently, she is performing and continuing her training with artists and dance companies in the Pittsburgh area.

Amber is a resident artist and assistant director for kNotDance. In addition to dancing professionally, Amber is also a dance instructor at local dance studios where teaching has become one of the most effective ways to share her passion for dance and movement with others.

\\ Angelina DeVengencie

PiYo Instructor

Angelina grew up dancing in Ohio, starting when she was three years old. Her passion brought her to Pittsburgh, which she now calls home. She received a Bachelor of Arts in dance and a minor in psychology from Point Park University. She has performed and taught throughout the Pittsburgh area for many years. Angelina is working toward her graduate degree in Dance Movement Therapy. She has discovered that in order to dance well into her later years health, nutrition, and exercise are very important. Angelina is a health and fitness coach and really enjoys teaching her favorite form of exercise, Piyo!

\\ Deborah White

Yoga Instructor

Deb found yoga over 14 years ago after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Her doctors believed yoga might help with the symptoms of MS, so she began practicing regularly and incorporating yoga philosophies into her daily living. She has been teaching a variety of yoga styles for over 10 years, including hatha, power vinyasa flow and restorative. She completed her training with Lesli Kotloski in 2001 and added a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification training by South Hills Power Yoga in 2012. Deb has also been fortunate to study with some renown yogis such as Cyndi Lee, Rodney Yee, Shiva Rea, and Judith Lasater. Deb admires all her teachers and what she has learned, with a special thank you to Lesli, Stacey, LA, Jen, and Darcy. You all are an inspiration and a blessing to each person's life you touch. On her yoga journey, Deb now has found balance and has seen the power of meditation and stillness in her life. When she is not doing yoga, Deb likes to be a mom to John, Katie and Matt, go on long walks with her two Schnauzers, Artemus and Brutus, and spend afternoons cooking and baking.

\\ Kiyla Ortega


Kiyla is an integrative fitness specialist and massage therapist. In 2006, she discovered her calling to teach Pilates based fitness and assist others in discovering their inner strength and balance. Through the years Kiyla has become a fully certified Pilates Instructor and personal trainer.  She is a 3rd generation instructor under the lineage of Lolita San Miguel (Lolita is one of the only people in the world to be certified by Joseph Pilates). Kiyla combines her knowledge of Pilates, personal training and anatomy with imagery in order to develop fun, challenging sessions uniquely designed to help clients meet their fitness goals. A graduate of the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy class of 2015,  Kiyla enjoys getting to know her clients so that she can provide deep, intuitive healing sessions. Kiyla's Pilates and movement background allows her to understand a clients particular needs or concerns from a comprehensive 3D viewpoint.  It is her goal to help clients feel relaxed while reinforcing mind-body awareness.

Kiyla strives to keep current with all she can about mind-body-spirit fitness, therapeutic touch & food based healing so that she can effectively coach others in holistic lifestyle choices. When she isn't being nerdy about her career, she spends time hoop dancing, experimenting in the kitchen or going on outdoor adventures.

\\ Linda Williams

Certified Level 2 Peak Pilates Trainer

Linda Williams is a seasoned level 2 Peak Pilates trainer with 10+ years of teaching experience. She’s been a part of the Verve family for 8 years. Her classes are taught in a classical format with lots of positive encouragement. Linda is working toward the completion of her level 3 certification with Peak Pilates and is always seeking to improve her fitness training skills. Linda is passionate about educating people and encouraging people to seek a real-life application approach to fitness, nutrition and balance with work and play. When she’s not training in the studio, her time is spent with children. Linda loves her life as an elementary Yoga/PE teacher and is equally committed to the teaching healthy movement to young and aging.

\\ Erin O'Donnell


Erin O’Donnell is delighted to share her love of yoga with the Pittsburgh community. A practitioner of yoga for 17 years, Erin teaches students classical Hatha yoga, as well as meditation and pranayama (breathing) techniques to enhance their experience. With special attention placed on correct alignment and activation, she enjoys bringing the amazing physical and mental benefits of classical yoga to both apprehensive novices and seasoned practitioners who want a to dedicate themselves to their personal practices. She began her yoga journey as a young dancer and dance instructor, having taught students of all ages in classical ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and musical theater. Though first hooked on yoga to help her develop a better mind/body connection, it later became a vital part of her rehabilitation after serious injuries left her in chronic discomfort and with physical limitations. Trained in the Shambhava tradition, Erin teaches from the heart, and believes in creating a nurturing, open, and often humorous learning environment. She has lived in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan’s East and West sides; the charming low country coast of Charleston, South Carolina; and has most recently returned to her native Pittsburgh from living on an ashram in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado. She is ecstatic to be back in the ‘Burgh.

\\ David McClintock


David McClintock attended Point Park University where he received his degree in Theatre Arts. While at Point Park, David had the opportunity to train and perform under the guidance of many prestigious and incredible choreographers such as Danny Herman, Ron Tassone, Jill Lazzini, and Maria Slutiak. In 2012, he received his certifications for Beginner and Intermediate Mat Pilates through Power Pilates, as well as completing their Comprehensive Training in 2015. Join him as the class ventures through Joseph Pilates' original mat order, ensuring proper form and technique to promote the growth of long, lean muscles, proper alignment of the spine and pelvis, breathing, and the improvement of coordination and balance.

Chiropractic Care

\\ Dr. Jeff Schoeller


I help people engage in life, fully, by working with the body to eliminate interference and maximize the human potential that we all have to THRIVE. Through Chiropractic and educating clients on elevated nutrition, positive thought, proper movement, and stress-proofing our lives.

Before becoming a Chiropractor, I was a massage therapist and as fate had it, I had worked in a Chiropractic office. I always thought Chiropractic was JUST about back pain. Yet when I saw intense emotional, spiritual and physical healing – my perspective changed dramatically. I saw peoples’ lives change. I realized that I wanted to provide that to countless individuals to make more of an impact on the world and humankind.

Having a degree and advanced training in Nutrition, I enjoy helping my clients discover how to properly lose weight, increase muscle tone and live with energy!I try to see all people for who they are, that is human, spirit, love. I’ve been described as kind of a dork in many ways. My faith in Chiropractic and our innate healing ability is limitless.

Click HERE to read more.