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Pilates Chair & Equipment Sessions



Strengthen your core while toning arms and legs. Improve posture, balance and flexibility


Pilates Chairs of today have been developed from Joseph Pilates' original design of the Wunda Chair. Chair exercises increase strength and power training in the Pilates workout, so Chair clients generally experience an increased heart rate advantage and therefore burn more calories.  Chair exercises also involve lifting your own body weight and repetitive isometric contractions.

Anyone interested in Pilates for upper body strength will LOVE the chair, as there are great exercises for the triceps, pecs, deltoids and shoulder girdle stabilizers.  The one arm push up, hand on chair is an excellent triceps exercise (and pec!), and the Twist does wonders for the deltoids and the shoulder girdle stabilizers. The lower body also gets a great workout.  Expect stronger and more shapely legs and more flexible feet.

The Group Equipment Session is meant to compliment (not replace) the mat work that has become so well known in the world of fitness. By attending at least 2 mat classes and at least 1 equipment session a week the optimal benefits of Pilates can be achieved. Strength, flexibility, pain management, healing, increased focus, increased body awareness (aiding in healing and pain management).

Each session is tailored to the body and energy that presents itself that day. The instructor's intuition guides what exercises and equipment are used for each person for each session

Equipment Passes:

1 Class: $40

5 Classes: $180

10 Classes: $320



If you are interested in Pilates Chair Sessions or Group Equipment Sessions at Verve, or have questions, please email