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We’re asking everyone to kick off 2015 with motivation, strength and determination. Make health and wellness a top priority in the new year, starting with our Jumpstart January Class Challenge!



Beginning January 2nd, sign your name on the board in the studio and start tracking the classes you attend. Just like our last Challenge, every class counts so take advantage of the full schedule. But wait! There’s more! Jumpstart January isn’t JUST about your individual fitness. It’s about making your whole world a happier, healthier place, including those around you!

When all of your hard work and determination reveals positive changes in your body and mind, it makes you feel incredible. Being able to share this feeling with those you love is even better! During Jumpstart January, invite as many new faces to class as you can. Bring your boyfriends, girlfriends, spouse’s, friends and co-workers. Each new person may attend their first class as a FREE guest and earns you an EXTRA POINT on the challenge board. So spread the word to everyone you know! The student with the most points on the challenge board at the end of the month wins!



The winner of our January Challenge will receive a Fitbit Flex! Fitbit Flex tracks your daily activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep to show you how small steps make a big impact. The Fitbit device, dashboard and app work together to deliver a complete, connected and fun experience whileĀ helping you stay motivated!

Working out with friends can give you extra motivation, provide a competitive spirit and make classes more FUN! Start spreading the word about Jumpstart January now!