Company Structure

Company structure is a question that occurs on page 1 of your business plan and is intrinsic in setting the navigational goals of the company. Is this a sole proprietorship? Are you a Partnership? What are the short and long term goals of your new company?Are you building it so that you don’t have to work for somebody else? Are you building it for future generations to staff? Do you want to sell it someday and if so, when? These questions need to be discussed and sorted out before you put pen to paper in writing down your goals. If there is dissention in the goals of the business between partners or a lack of clarity in the head of the sole owner there will be problems. It’s hard enough to get where you’re going when you know where you want to go. It’s almost impossible to walk out of your house with no idea where you are going and end up where you meant to go.

Our business was built to generate cash flow with the intention of installing systems that helped it run while we weren’t there. Our intention was not to generate job for ourselves. Our intention was to generate a wonderful business which gave a wonderful opportunity to those that were looking for and appreciated it. The long term goal was stability of revenue with the ability to decide to keep our wonderful business and reap the benefits of a well run and stable cash flow or to sell it and move onto the next thing if our wants and wishes changed over the years. You don’t want to start your own business to get away from working for somebody else just to find that you are still working for somebody else with no way out.

We can help with working you through the basic questions and coming to conclusions. This item represents a major step in the construction of your new venture.