Human Resources

So you are now an entrepreneur and you are planning to get busy. You have the wonderful idea. You’ve gotten the entire business concept nailed, modeled and mapped out. Clients are lining up to pay you money and you are ready to start ringing the register. In a short time, you’ll be able to take a vacation whenever you feel like it because there is no end in sight to the cash machine that you have built. You just need somebody to open the door and ring the register. What’s next? Hire somebody to open the door and ring the register right? Easy.....

Remember when we mentioned that this advice will be given “by the business owner” and “for the business owner”. We meant it. This is a group effort and employees and owners are both needed for team work to make the dreamwork. You as the owner hold all of the risk so you deserve to be compensated. Employees are required to perform certain tasks for a certain agreed upon payment and they deserve to be compensated as promised. Now that we’ve gotten the ground rules down we’re going to have to discuss a laundry list of things including but not limited to:

  • Types of Employees that will perform their promised tasks well for an extended period of time.
  • Breakdown of Departments and responsibilities.
  • Company Structure Near and Long Term.
  • Firing and Firing. Who’s doing it? When do they do it?
  • Unemployment Review. Do you understand the unemployment claims process and how it affects your bottom line?
  • Non –Competes. The owner deserves to be protected from his employees. There are rules to this game. The players aren’t allowed to play for whoever they want once promises have been made.
  • Handbook. Nobody wants to talk about this but you’ll need one
  • Payroll. Who’s handling the calculation and tax withholding?
  • Employee Disputes?
  • Dealing with poisonous employees to destroy the attitudes of their co-workers on their way out the door.

The most successful people on the planet solve the largest problems with as few variables as possible. Guaranteed wonderful results is what we are striving for. Unfortunately, most small business’s require large amounts of unpredictable employees to run them. Employee’s are the single variable that can completely wreck all of the hard work and dreams put in by the founders.

Additionally,most if not all employees think they are “only” sticking it to the owner when they don’t try their hardest, poison others and ultimately walk out the door. The truth of the matter is that poor employee behavior hurts the entire organization including all of the other employees who enjoy their position and are working together to make it better each and every day.

We cannot of course promise that many or all of these things won’t happen at your business. However, our team has spent over a decade refining our process so that the only issues are the ones that are truly unpredictable.