It’s been said that marketing is a lot like Rogaine. You don’t really know if it’s working but you’re afraid to stop using it. Marketing is a wonderful concept until you realize that you as the owner pay the bill and are 100% at risk for the results even if they are totally out of your control. If you are in a commission based business, it’s even a more dangerous proposition. You take the entire risk, share the rewards, use up the time of your employees doing the work and have to bring in morethan double the initial investment just to break even. After you succeed in making back your return, it is now up to your people to build relationships and retain the new clients long term. If they are unsuccessful, you just took a major risk only to haveeverybody get paid except you. Do you still think marketing sounds like fun?

How do you plan to let the world know about your new business? In today’s age of technology, you have many more options than the traditional print and radio routine. If your business is a local neighborhood shop, you may find you have to find inexpensive or free ways to only market to a very local group. Print, radio, TV, website, signage, business cards, logo stamped giveaways, facebook, instagram, google, yelp and hand deliveredflyers are only a few of the options that are available to today’s entrepreneur. All of these require time, money or both. The best advertising is the free kind. How can you build a wonderful business that continues to build upon itself without spending additional resources to keep the momentum going? There isn’t a magic answer but we’ve dealt with this issue for over a decade and are happy to share what we have learned.