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We offer consulting advice and wisdom on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Congratulations on making the decision to become an entrepreneur!

Owning your own business is a wonderful undertaking and can result in a lifetime of enjoyment. For those of us who love our freedom and control of our own schedule, owning our own business has a multitude of advantages. Unfortunately, owning your own business can also result in servitude and slavery. Uncontrollable variables such as availability of quality labor, seasonality, increasing costs, competition, taxes, changes in banking and even acts of God such as floods and fires can and will attempt to derail even the most saavy of business owners.

How do I know? Because my wife and I built our own freedom plan in the form of our own spa/salon over 12 years ago in Downtown Pittsburgh and have seen all of these things and many many more attempts to sabotage our entrepreneurial dream of freedom. All of these issues are bound to occur to you sooner than later with your new business. Once you conclude that these things will happen, you must begin to determine if you will make a plan to avoid and go around these obstacles or if you’ll allow them to catch you by surprise and undo all of the hard work you’ve put in.

Owners are the only people at your business who are not allowed to quit. The risk rises and sets on you on a daily basis. You go to sleep on a nightly basis worrying about the things you know could go wrong and fearing those you haven’t even considered. You will find most things that happen in your business are not your fault BUT are still your responsibility to fix. There will be many times when you wonder how you’ve managed to create an environment that is so fantastic for all of your employees but absolutely isn’t paying off for you.

This program has been put in place “By the Owner” and “For the Owner”. It has been tailored to the needs of the owner who is just beginning the journey of getting to doors open to the seasoned owner who has seen the issues, made the mistakes, gotten lost, been found and hoping they are now doing it right because freedom remains a goal that is very worth achieving.

Our risk-free, limited engagement, fee-based approach provides our clients with decades of experience and a network of industry professionals. We review all aspects of your business thoroughly including concept, business model, revenue lines, financing, company structure, competition, marketing and human resources.

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