Aubre Stacknick
August 29, 2019

These treatments cost a bunch for the salon owner to keep in stock and good money for the client to get done if they aren't indeed worth it. 

So are they worth it?

While I am a proponent of doing everything I can to save money and time, I have found there are just somethings you should leave to the professionals at Verve, in downtown Pittsburgh. Namely flying planes, rebuilding the body of a car after a wreck, face lifts, constructing a skyscraper and yes I would put in this category hair color, hair cutting and professional hair maintenance. 

Have you ever had a bad hair cut? bad hair day? Colored your own hair or your closest girlfriends out of a box? or thought about shaving your head? If you are a DIY'er I'm positive you have..

This is what a good hair day looks like to me...

Looks like a good hair day to me

What are my hair treatment options?

Typical hair treatments offered at many salons..

Hair Glosses

Gloss is semi or demi permanent color that is applied directly to the hair and can also be a clear gloss. Gloss does not address healthier hair but it does give extra shine and reflection and is absolutely worth it.

Nothing you purchase can make your hair as shiny as a gloss can. They are easily applied at the wash bowl in your salon, are damage free and non-permanent. These are a great option in the winter when cool dry air makes your hair look dull or when you go extreme with a new vibrant color or bleach your locks.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

If you have dried out hair, a deep conditioning treatment is so worth it.

Conditioning treatments only help damaged hair by keeping it strong enough to not break while you grow in new hair. It’s impossible to repair hair; once the damage is done, it’s done. Having a take home option is needed as this should be done often and doing them at home is much more economical.

Keratin Treatments

Keratherapy was founded in South Florida, home to both bold fashion and epic humidity that can make hair appear frizzy, unruly and unhealthy.

Keratherapy’s experts developed treatments using natural keratin chemistry to tame wild hair, quickly and easily; giving it a smooth, natural, luxurious look even in the most challenging environments.

Keratherapy’s Keratin treatments have been proven worldwide to not just provide a quick transformation into smooth, touchable hair, but to maintain that look for months at a time.

Keratherapy Before

Keratherapy After

Contact Verve, in downtown Pittsburgh today to schedule time with one of our talented hair champions for all your hair needs. We look forward to becoming part of your personal care routine.

What do you have to lose when what you have to gain will be so much more.

Verve downtown Pittsburgh

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