The 5 amazing ways Pilates transformed my body and why you TOO should jump on this bandwagon!

Aubre Stacknick
January 30, 2020

Why Pilates changed my life and why was I too blind to see it sooner? 

After many long years and hours pounding it out at the gym, I realized that cardio just wasn’t getting me the results I wanted or needed.  I had so many friends over the years tell me how their bodies completely changed after regular Pilates sessions, how they not only lost inches in the thigh, hip and belly area i.e. all the troublesome areas, in addition, everything got tighter and leaner. 

Why didn’t I save myself time and agony and check Pilates out sooner?

I would peak at a class from the outside cardio area dripping sweat while on my 7th mile of cardio all the while giggling on the inside about how ridiculous of a concept Pilates must be. 

It’s just too simple, I thought.

Pilates in Pittsburgh, Too simple

What is Pilates teaching them, I pondered...

Control they say? I am always in control! 

Breathing they say?? If I wasn’t breathing I couldn’t be starting my 8th mile. 

Movement and Stabilization they say? Who are they kidding? I move like a graceful ballerina. LOL

Why wasn’t Cardio addressing my inches and leanness I desired? 

After much research I found that too much stress (stressful job, stressful home, stressful relationship) can lead to you holding onto weight especially when you’re then piling on a stressful workout your body can actually turn up your cortisol levels which in turn can mean your body won’t burn fat. Short and simple, Your body is always in RED FLAG mode. 

Cardio, Not everything it's cracked up to be

What results did I find once I opened my eyes to this new possibility of NO CARDIO? 

I could burn upwards of 500 calories during a class/session without any high-intensity cardio EVER AGAIN! WHAT? Pinch me!

What I DID NOT expect from Pilates so quickly?  

Since you use your entire body for the whole session (PLEASE DO NOT be intimidated like I secretly was) your toning and building long, lean powerful stable muscles the whole time! My clothes were looser in NO TIME! Unlike Cardio where I’d go to Costco afterward and eat all the free samples, after Pilates I didn’t have the need to feed. 

Take your first step today to start your journey with us and begin focusing on you! Contact us about a membership with classes starting at as little as $7.00 per class.

What do you have to lose when what you have to gain will be so much more.

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