Aubre Stacknick
August 26, 2019

Deeply rooted, to say the least...

After too many years of 4:30 am gym trips lasting upwards of 2+ hours, I found my 3rd true love Pilates and this is where Verve's story began....

This was all while raising 2 babies, running a business and physically building custom homes. I have pretty much been obsessed with fitness and the outdoors my entire life. I was outside everyday until dusk as a child doing things that by today’s standards was probably boring or you'd need playmates for.

Growing up on a small family farm in North East Pennsylvania meant physical activity wasn’t a choice, you just DID it. Expectations were never an option and neither was whining. I remember my mother literally instructing us to take that massive tree and drag it (by hand) over there. “There” happened to be acres away from the current location but most importantly out of her line of sight.

Those were the days...

She’s to blame :) 

Mom, Suzie-Q, was the "healthy mom" before Whole Foods made it so expensive to feed your kids real unadulterated food. Kinesiology and Chiropractic was our answer for almost every medical concern including helping to control my older sister’s juvenile Diabetes. We took vitamins instead of prescriptions, ate food from the ground instead of out of a box and water was our only source of hydration.

My siblings and I were even home schooled. Surprised? Bailing hay, tilling the garden, and herding farm animals replaced recess.

I would not have traded it for the world.

I believe! I believe!

Popa, formerly known as Kenny or Daddy, is a very hard worker, loving father and entrepreneur. He thought Suzie was loopy for her view on health, wellness and nutrition. Honestly, at the time I did too. Wow, did she prove us wrong 20 years later after Dad was diagnosed with Cancer. His doctors warned us of the very bleak outcome. Only response possible? Onward and Upward, so with a positive attitude, restricted diet and limited medical intervention, they kicked cancers ass together. The doctors were amazed! 

Come full circle 20 years later,I have seen firsthand how important healthy eating, physical fitness, supplements, knowledge and unwavering dedication to your personal convictions are.

3rd Love  

I discovered Pilates as mentioned after years of every at-home fitness craze, disgusting protein drinks, caffeine induced supplements usually starting with Hydroxy. Don’t forget the hours at the gym that took me away from my babies and other responsibilities. All of this time and energy spent for naught due to my “not awesome” self image. 

A friend suggested Pilates to me one day. My thought? “Kristy, your nuts… I’d rather pound out these heavy leg presses and look like a beefy bodybuilder instead”. I didn’t know any better or that I was doing it all WRONG!

I was really never built “small” and frankly I’m not what I’d consider small even to this day. I’m healthy and that’s what I am going for. It took the birth of my oldest daughter and having to balance that new chapter as a mother with my business, marriage, life and all the other crap that comes up to realize there is a better way. 

Eyes wide open

Pilates opened my eyes, slapped me in the face and turned my world upside down in all the right ways. No miracle pills, no quick fixes. I feel the best I’ve felt in years and at 40 I’m really happy with me. Why did it take to the age of 40 to realize what I needed for me? Just like you, everything and one else came first along with all the distractions. Who has time for me?  

Who am I anyway?

Farm girl, serial entrepreneur, mother, daughter, student, workaholic, wife, massage therapist, Pilates instructor, real estate agent, general contractor, aunt, business owner, sister, innovator, dreamer, doer. This is me. All of it.

All the hats...

With sweat comes tears

I take my health seriously. I take your wellness very seriously. I practice Pilates for the health benefits and the way it has made me look and feel for over 20 years. I’ve dedicated over a decade to Verve in downtown Pittsburgh so you can too. 

Over the last 12 years we have had the pleasure of changing lives, bodies and client’s outlooks on health and fitness. We’ve lost inches, built strength and endurance, cried real tears, and changed minds. I was so inspired by Pilates and the transformations I’ve witnessed that I decided to teach and not just practice religiously.

Most people probably wouldn’t believe today that I’ve struggled with weight and self-image as a child, wife and mother. I’m betting you or someone you love does too.  

So I intend to educate, inspire and WAKE YOU UP to not only health and wellness but all the possibilities that life and love presents. Reminders of your individual beauty and chasing away the internal demons you currently negotiate with on the daily will happen along the way.

Help us, help you

Connect with us today to start your journey. Ask us about a class membership starting at as little as $7.00 per session.

What do you have to lose when what you have to gain will be so much more.

Click here to learn more about Verve, in downtown Pittsburgh and Book your intro NOW!

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