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Massage is considered to be among the oldest of all treatments used by man. Chinese records dating back three thousand years document its use. The ancient Hindus, Persians, and Egyptians used forms of massage for some ailments, and Hippocrates wrote papers recommending the use of rubbing and friction for joint and circulatory problems. Today, massage is an accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs and has proven beneficial to many chronic conditions such as low-back pain, arthritis, and bursitis. Massage helps relieve the stress and tension of everyday living.Care of your body should be at the top of your priority list. You will feel and look better if you take the necessary steps regarding health and nutrition in this age of increased longevity. Stress relief alone can improve your vitality and state of mind. Massage, Bodywork, and somatic therapies should play an important role in living your best life.

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Developed for optimal performance and recovery. Designed to facilitate joint mobility and flush toxins from sore muscles to promote healing used before, during, and after athletic events. Preparing the athlete for peak performance, to drain away fatigue, to relieve swelling, to reduce muscle tension, to promote flexibility and to prevent injuries. Assisted stretching is incorporated for muscle relief and injury prevention.


Customized trigger point therapy, muscle manipulation and joint mobilization. A deeper, firmer therapeutic massage utilizing techniques that release chronic pain and muscle tension. This massage aims to manipulate fascia and connective tissue and is more intense than other types.


Reiki is an ancient, hands on, energy healing practice. Rediscovered by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist in 1922, "Rei" means God's wisdom and "Ki" is the Life Force energy. No specific religious belief matters for Reiki to be effective. You remain fully clothed, lying on a warm table, with subdued lighting and soothing music for one hour as your Reiki Master helps to bring you more into balance, alleviate stress, promote health and a general sense of well-being.


Relaxation, lymphatic drainage and detoxification. This massage uses moderate to firm pressure with long relaxing, rolling strokes to promote relaxation and wellness.


(25 minutes/50 minutes) 

Stimulation of points on the feet, hands, or ears to improve general health. In Chinese tradition, the soles of the feet mirror the systems of the body. By activating the pressure points along the meridians of the feet, reflexology offers an ancient form of healing to support the immune system and overall wellness.


Thai Foot Reflexology, although based on the concepts of the Chinese art, has many differences from the reflexology protocols learned in the West. The session includes the Thai method of warming the feet, use of wooden Reflex sticks to stimulate points, as well as leg massage applying techniques that stimulate the Sen Sib lines from Thai Massage Theory.


Chakra Clearing/Cleansing may be your missing puzzle piece to the perfect health you’ve desired. Based on ancient Hindu and Buddhist philosophy’s and healing practices, Chakra clearing and balancing can have enormous value in your overall wellness.


Relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, and improve circulation and mobility. Prenatal therapy relieves tension and discomfort during pregnancies. For comfort, a support cushion is used to accommodate any stage of pregnancy.


Promotes relaxation, circulation and leaves you de-stressed and refreshed. Healing with stones is an ancient form of therapy. Basalt river rocks, radiant with heat are used to massage and work the muscles. Trails of heat flow across the body and melt away every bit of tension.


We enhance our reflexology treatment by wrapping the feet in steamed aromatic towels, exfoliating with amazing foot scrub and then massage with hot river stone.



Times and prices vary. Enjoy each others company with one of our personalized treatments as a great way to reunite. Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue available. Share your experience with a friend, family member or loved one.

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